What We Do

The MSU Tissue Typing Laboratory is an ASHI accredited histocompatibility laboratory supporting transplant programs. We provide support for the renal and cardiac transplant programs in the Grand Rapids community as well as supporting the HLA typing needs to provide HLA matched platelets and many of the oncology programs that are a part of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine campuses. HLA typing is available for Class I and II loci by molecular methods. Antibody screening and identification are performed using a liquid bead array method. Compatibility testing is performed using flow cytometry.


Dr. Gerlach is a member of the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostic Program faculty, College of Natural Science and also a member of the College of Human Medicine faculty. Most of the graduate students performing their dissertation or thesis research are from programs in the above colleges. Most projects revolve around transplant immunology or molecular diagnostics.


We provide a number of different services, including the following tests:

Code Test and Description
300-105 HLA-A, B Low Resolution Molecular Typing
300-107 HLA-A, B, C Low Resolution Molecule Typing
300-104 Supplemental HLA-A, B, C Molecule Typing
300-101 HLA-DR, DQ Low Resolution Molecular Typing
300-110 HLA Single Locus Low Resolution Molecular Typing
300-108 Supplemental HLA-DR, DQ, DP Molecular Typing
300-102 HLA-DR High Resolution Molecular Typing
300-103 HLA-DQ High Resolution Molecular Typing
300-301 HLA-A, B, C, DR, DQ Transplant Evaluation
100-114 Serum Banking
100-108 Serum Treatment (DTT)
400-101 T and B Cell Lymphocyte Crossmatch (Flow)
400-210 HLA Antibody Screen (Bead Array)
400-220 HLA Class I PRA/ID (Bead array)
400-230 HLA Class II PRA/ID (Bead array)
400-240 HLA Class I Single Antigen (Bead array with PRA I)
400-250 HLA Class II Single Antigen (Bead array with PRA II)
200-113 Phlebotomy